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Graduation studios

The section SD intends to organize a graduation studio with at least 4 students. The topics they have in mind were brought forward by dr. ir. Paul Teeuwen of Witteveen + Bos who is one of the supervisors. These topics are:

-        Design of a datacenter in Groningen

Google plans to build a large datacenter in Eemshaven (Groningen) with relatively high floor loads and it has to be designed for earthquake loading.

-        Design of a floating building for (sports) events

Densification of urban areas in combination with a need for temporary solutions for buildings in the case of (sports) events leads to exploring the possibilities of building floating structures on available water areas.


The graduation studio will start at the beginning of the second semester, i.e. in the week of 1 February 2016. Supervision:

-        dr. ir. Paul Teeuwen

-        dr. ir. Faas Moonen

-        prof. ir. Bert Snijder


We are looking for at least 4 students (the studio will not start with a lower number than 4) and at least 2 students per topic mentioned before (a topic with less than 2 students will not start).