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Betondag 2018

De Betondag (the Concrete Day) has been a well-known event for many years and the largest one-day event where the technical construction industry in the Netherlands meets. De Betondag (Concrete day) is a unique combination between meeting and learning.

Also this year De Betondag will take place in the congress center “De Doelen” in Rotterdam. This year’s theme is: Concrete, more sustainable than ever! A topical social theme that appeals to the entire concrete chain and which is recent a hot topic.

Entrance for KOers members is €10,- including free drinks and lunch.
Transport to and from the Concrete Day  is at your own expense but with enough registrations we can arrange group-tickets for a small price.

Registration Closed!

Still want to join us? Send a mail to so we can put you at the waitinglist.