Study Association KOers processes personal data, which is necessary to provide our services. We know that you care how
information about you is used, stored, and shared. The information processed, can either be from your registration on our
website or from Eindhoven University of Technology. By registering on our website, you accepting the use of your personal
data as described in this document.

In this document we will describe what data we collect, where this data is used, and with whom it is shared. The location
where we are keeping your stored data safe will also be explained. The rights concerning your data will be shown in the final
part of this policy.


KOers                                         Study Association KOers
KOers member(s)                    Person(s) that subscribed at KOers

Personal data gotten through registration

When people subscribe to KOers, data of the person is required and below is described why we gather this data.

Name (First + Last)                 Identification
Date of Birth

Email                                          Contact information, sending digital media
Alternate Email
Mobile Telephone number

Address                                      For sending KOersief and other non-digital media
Postal Code

Generation                                 Verification of subscription requirements
HBO-to-Master student
Previous Board of KOers
Profile or Graduation topic
Expected graduation date

OV-card                                      Data for activities

Additional data for activities

For some activities additional data is required, this data is asked for when the KOers member subscribes. This additional data
may include:

Copies of passport and/or insurance papers
Signature for contracts           Validity of the contract

All additional documents obtained will be treated with utmost care and secrecy on the content will be provided. Within one
year after the end of the activity, all additional documents obtained will be deleted.

Photo- and videographic material

During activities organized by KOers pictures and/or videos may be made. These are made to share with interested parties
via social media or other channels. In consultation with KOers, pictures may be altered or deleted to protect privacy.

Storage of data

The personal data gathered from registration, is stored in a protected part of the KOers website. Only the current board of
KOers can review this data.
Backup files are stored on a separate section of the file server of the Eindhoven University of Technology, accessible by the
current and previous board of KOers.
Registered personal data will be kept as long as you are member of KOers and after cancellation of your membership, the
data will be deleted. This profile will also store information about the activities joined, which is used for statistics

Sharing of data

– CHEOPS Study Association

We, as KOers, are a study association underneath the umbrella of CHEOPS. For the amount of members KOers has, a subsidy
is given out every year from CHEOPS. The board of CHEOPS therefore has the right to view data from KOers regarding members.
This data will be selected by the board of KOers, only identification data will be shared.

– Lawful obligations

KOers may be approached for sharing information to adhere to the law in matters of urgency.

Rights concerning personal data

You have the right to view or edit your personal data at all times. This can be done through the profile section on our website.
Deleting the required personal data and additional date will be done by cancelling your membership of KOers. Additional
data can also be deleted in the profile section while you are a member of KOers. For any questions, feel free to send an
email to

Amendments to the Privacy Policy

KOers reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time. Changes in the document will be notified by email.