Graduation Project Reinforcement in 3D concrete printing

Experimental improvement of cable reinforced 3D printed concrete

In 2017, TU/e has introduced a feasible concept to automatically reinforce 3D printed concrete by entraining a high strength steel cable into the concrete. This is the only automatic reinforcement system for 3D printed concrete in the world, and therefore highly important to the development of 3D concrete printing in general. In subsequent research, several issues were exposed showing this method is not obtaining its full potential. This project should aim resolving these issues, by changing the cable type/material, improve nozzle design, print pattern, and possibly the matrix material. The study could focus on microscale effects such as reinforcement-concrete bond or large-scale effects such as overall structural performance, or contain aspects of both. Optionally, FE-Modelling of the reinforcement behaviour could be included. The project is expected to result in a (journal or conference) publication.
Can be divided into 2 separate projects, with focus on (i) local mechanical behavior and (ii) global reinforcement layout and interaction, respectively.






Cable entrainment device on concrete printer – broken printed specimen with entrained cables – force-displacement graphs of printed concrete beams with cable reinforcement. TU/e research.


The contact for this job posting is Dr. ir. F.P. Bos.