Graduation Project Modelling of 3D Printed Concrete

Experimental and theoretical comparison of ‘buildability’-approaches in 3D printed concrete

The introduction of 3D printing of concrete introduced a previously unknown kind of structural failure: collapse of the object during printing. This is due to the lack of formwork and the initially very low strength and stiffness of the material. Academic researchers from around the world have proposed a range of approaches to predict in-print failure. They have used different theories of material behaviour and strength as well as different experimental techniques. The objective of this project is to compare these approaches, both theoretically and experimentally, to contribute to what is currently the most fundamental academic debate in the field of concrete printing. The project is expected to result in a (journal or conference) publication.






In-print failures: material failure – In-print failure: stability failure. TU/e research (PhD candidates Ahmed and Wolfs,


The contact for this job posting is Dr. ir. F.P. Bos.