Graduation Project Reinforcement in 3D Printed Concrete

Wound CFRP reinforcement of 3D printed concrete

Carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) can be wound into complex shapes (see illustration) robotically by an extrusion mouthpiece. This type of reinforcement is being explored for conventional cast concrete, but also seems to have potential for 3D printed concrete. The goal of this project is to explore these possibilities, both from a process and performance perspective. The project is expected to result in a (journal or conference) publication.
In collaboration with Riedmann Advanced Composite, Austria.

Wound CFRP reinforcement for a cast concrete beam. Picture taken from: J. Compos. Constr., 2018, 22 (6): 04018058.


The contact for this job posting is Dr. ir. F.P. Bos.