Graduation Project Design of façade connections

Design a simpler alternative that is less sensitive to execution

Aluminium-composite facade solutions are loaded by wind, weight and water. Elements in facades such as doors and windows are designed to be opened. The combination of this functional requirement together with requirements on wind and water tightness results in solutions that require narrow tolerances in construction and in complicated designs of the aluminium and composite cross-sections. As a starting point, we consider in this project a façade system designed by the company Reynaers. The figure below shows the cross-section of the aluminium and composite parts of the system, with the core element responsible for wind- and water tightness encircled in red. 
The aim of this graduation project is to design a simpler alternative that is less sensitive to execution.


The graduation study contains the following tasks:
1) Understand and study of: (a) the current design; and (b) the set of requirements.
2) Develop alternative conceptual designs.
3) Select one or two of these alternatives and determine parts of the performance by calculation, e.g. using FEM or CFD.
4) Determine dimensions and optimize the selected alternative.
5) Carry out tests on the selected alternative in the laboratory of Reynaers and/or TU Eindhoven, e.g. regarding wind and water tightness.

The graduation study is carried out in collaboration with the company Reynaers.
More information:
- Johan Maljaars, j.maljaars@tue.nl
- Faas Moonen, s.p.g.moonen@tue.nl


The contact for this job posting is Johan Maljaars.