KOers has a lot of committees. Every committee has its own activities. The best about taking place in a committee is getting to know other KOers-members and organizing activities. Besides that, it can also be a nice addition to your resume and a way to learn new skills.

Some committees are complementing education, others are active within the field of Structural Design. Think about building the concrete canoes or organizing the study trip. The drink and party committee is responsible for the drinks.

We are currently putting together the committees, are you interested or do you want to know more about the committees? Send us an email!

Multiple Day Excursion Committee

Every year an excursion is organized, normally to a destination in Europe. Last year Stuttgart and Munich were visited. Previous years have visited Hambourg, Kopenhagen, Stuttgard, Oslo, Valencia, London and Berlin.

Study Trip Committee

In the second part of the academic year a trip is organized by the study trip committee. the goal of this trip is to get in touch with other cultures, architecture history and special structures. Last year a succesfull trip to Singapore was organized.

Concrete-canoe-race Committee

Concrete-canoe-race Committee
The Concrete-canoe-race is a yearly event where students of different universities and colleges race against each other in (homemade) concrete canoes. There are prizes for the heaviest canoe and there are races over several distances. Besides enlarging the current fleet, the committee takes care of making the teams. Special care is put into the innovative-canoe.

Concrete-canoe-race Organisation

Coming year, the Concrete-canoe-race will be held in Eindhoven. In this committee you will organise the event. This includes the planning of the weekend, guiding the teams and arranging sponsors. We are hoping for a committee to make the event a big succes.

Editorial board committee

Three times a year the magazine, The KOersief, is published. Each KOersief has a theme, such as Highrise, Calatrava or Graduating.
The KOersief has space for interesting articles, written by students, teachers or companies. Furthermore there are graduation reports and reports of recent activities.

Drink/party Committee

Regularly, a drink will be organized for all KOers members. These drinks usually take place in the SkyBar! Underground, in Vertigo. There are several reasons to organize a drink, like the shuffleboard drink, a contest between KOers and SUPport, Chrismas or New Year. Finally we close the academic year with a Barbeque. The Drink/party Committee consists of the previous (48th) Board:

  • Derk Bos
  • Gido Dielemans
  • Maisa van Genderen
  • Denise Kerindongo
  • Caroline Koks

Media Committee

The media committee is responsible for the website and other social media, and tries to improve it where necessary.

  • Tim Schellekens
  • Lars Hogenboom
  • Gido Dielemans

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board advises and monitors the board.

  • Lia de Mooij (47th board of KOers)
  • Thomas Dam (47th board of KOers)
  • Derk Bos (48th board of KOers)
  • Caroline Koks (48th board of KOers)
  • Jelle Versteege (30th board of CHEOPS)

Treasurer Control Committee

The Treasurer Control Committee advises the treasurer and monitors the accountancy.

  • Lia de Mooij (47th board of KOers)
  • Maisa van Genderen (48th board of KOers)
  • Stijn Aernouts (33th board of CHEOPS)