The mastertrack Structural Engineering and Design is part of the master Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Technology in Eindhoven. 

Course evaluations

To improve the quality of the courses and the graduation project, evaluations will be taken after selected courses. Both students and teachers can share their experiences with the KOers members who are responsible for the evaluations. After that the outcome of the evaluations will be discussed with the teacher. In these conversations the strong aspects of the course will be named, just as the points which need improvement. The next year that the course is given, there will be an evaluation about these named points. The goal is to see if the course is improved based on the aspects from the evaluations. 
Since last year the evaluations will not only be done for Structural Engineering and Design, but also for the certificate Construction Technology

When a course is evaluated this will be visible on this page and a pdf file of the total evaluation can be found at the bottom. At this moment, no courses have been evaluated yet.