Lunch lecture van Rossum

ABN AMRO is redesigning its office in Amsterdam into a 100.000 m2 Paris-proof building. In line with their sustainability and circularity ambitions, ABN AMRO works closely with the real estate developer EDGE. Though many of the existing design elements will be preserved, transforming the original building from the 80sh into an ultramodern workspace requires physical changes. The new building will become an icon of circularity and sustainability using architecture and intelligent installations. On the roof and façade of the building, 10.500 m2 of solar panels will be placed, reducing the energy consumption by 75% compared to the original building. With an increasing number of employees working from home, much attention went to future-proofing this workspace. This way, the new office becomes a place to exchange ideas, meet co-workers and brainstorm about new services. It is crucial that the building furthers health, well-being, and sustainability.


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