ABT Design Challenge

Wednesday the 5th of February KOers and ABT organize the design challenge. During this yearly event, students make a handmade structure that will be tested afterward and assessed by a jury specialized in the field of building engineering.
This year the topic holds earthquakes in combination with timber structures. The day starts with coffee and presentations about the main topic and also design tips will be discussed. After lunch, the design contest will start and at the end of the afternoon the structures will be tested in the SED lab. 
To conclude this informative day, a drink is hosted in the SkyBar! during where the winners will be announced.

Want to participate?

No spots left!

These people are participating!

  • Anke Leemans
  • Anne Derks
  • Femke Hermans
  • Geert van Bakel
  • Henri Mauritz
  • Hidde Lansink
  • Leonie van der Molen
  • Leroy Pieloor
  • Linda Versteegh
  • Marc Nijenhuis
  • Mike Veenhuis
  • Monica Suijs
  • Olaf Vens
  • Paul Otterspoor
  • Pieter van Loon
  • Sebastiaan van Hassel
  • Stan van de Schoor
  • Sue Ellen de Nijs
  • Timo Frielink
  • Tom Diks