Graduation School

Graduation School

The new master program, the Graduate School, consists of a few parts:

Core Courses25 ECTS
Specialization Electives30 ECTS
Electives20 ECTS
Graduation Project45 ECTS
Total120 ECTS

Core Courses

SemesterA B
7KP4M0 – Advanced Concrete Structures 5x
7KP5M0 – Advanced Timber and Lightweight Structures 5x
7KP3M0 – Advanced Steel and Aluminium Structures 5x
7KP6M0 – Energy and Finite Element Methods 5x
7KP7M0 – Stability of Structures 5x

Specialization Electives

Semester AB
7KP1M0 – Research Project10xxxx
7KP2M0 – Design project Large Span Structures10xxxx
7KT7M0 – Finite Element Method, non-linear2,5x
7KT1M0 – Structural design, capita selecta5x
7KT4M0 – Masonry Structures2,5x
7KS2M0 – Design Project High Rise Building10xx
7NN1M0 – MIO-project10xx
7KK1M0 – Geotechnics,Soil Mechanics, Seismic5x
7KT3M0 – Adaptivity and technology transfer2,5x
7KT2M0 – Structural design with glass and other materials5x


kwartiel 1
7RC80 – Time, Costs, Methods and Equipment5x
7QW7M0 – Theory and practice of the public domain5x
7QW8M0 – Heritage, Urbanization and Global Efficiency5x
7KS1M0 – Masterproject Building Technology5x
7QQ3M0 – Arts and architecture5xx
7XX4M0 – The thinking eye5xx
7LL1M0 – Sports and Building Aero Dynamics5x
7QX7M0 – Architectural Analysis5x
7LY8M0 – Smart Cities5x
7QX8M0 – Urban Form5x
7QQ2M0 – Constructing Architecture5x
7QX6M0 – Architecture and Philosophy5x
7KP8M0 – Building Methodology and Technology5x
7RC40 – Construction Research Skills5x
7ZW6M0 – History of Housing and Cities5x
7QW7M0 – Theory and Practice of the Public Domain5x
7ZW6M0 – History of Housing5x
7QQ1M0 – Architectural Expression5xxxx
7KS3M0 – Practical Assignment Bouwkundewinkel5xxxx
7QX9M0 – Urban Trends5x
7QX7M0 – Architectural Analysis5x
7KP9M0 – Building Technology with Extreme Complexity5x
7RC50 – Master project Construction Plan5x
7KK3M0 – Project ISD5x