TGM Technisch Gevelbouw Management

Freedom of visual expression
A high-quality façade makes an immediate impression. It gives a building a unique personality and introduces the world to the business within. Besides meeting the very highest aesthetic standards, a façade must also deliver a technically superior performance. TGM understands the art of turning an aesthetically challenging design into a technically feasible solution that meets your performance specifications. Our wide-ranging knowledge and problem-solving approach allow us to design ground-breaking façades that unite form and function.

We select the best materials, systems and brands based on the customer’s wishes – and not the other way around. Our product independence gives us the flexibility and critical eye that we need to offer innovative solutions without delay. Because only the very best design – one that suits your requirements and budget – is good enough.

We believe in cooperation, open communication and proactive co-makership. We take full responsibility for the quality of the façade within the prescribed timeframe and budget. TGM uses cutting-edge IT systems and CAD software to drive the entire engineering process, from design right through to shop drawings.

Our strength lies in our mastery of complex, large-scale, innovative projects subject to the most demanding performance specifications. We work with our partners to identify the very best solutions, the latest product combinations and the many technical options. Thanks to our product independence and wide-ranging technical expertise, we are able to think and act outside the box. That’s the power of innovation.

We want our children and our children’s children to be able to enjoy the beauty of our world. That’s why TGM considers a building’s surroundings and the natural world in all its consulting work and projects. A sustainable façade:

  • contains as much recycled material as possible, e.g. recycled aluminium, or sustainably sourced material such as FSC- or PEFC-certified wood
  • insulates well and saves energy, for example because it uses triple glazing, vacuum panels or double façades
  • controls the climate naturally by using smart methods to store and distribute solar energy, light, air and heat
  • is low maintenance
  • is designed for the long-term enjoyment of users and as an enduring eye-catcher for passers-by
  • is made by sustainable businesses that also show their commitment to the environment and the future in their corporate strategy and personnel policy.
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