Tussencolloquium – Niels Bartels en Tim Houben | Studievereniging KOers

Tussencolloquium – Niels Bartels en Tim Houben

Structural optimization for 3D printing

Computational structural optimization techniques can be used to improve the material distribution of structures, which makes them structural and material efficient but also complex in shape. Manufacturing these kind of optimized structures is difficult and expensive with conventional techniques. However, upcoming manufacturing techniques, as 3D printing, make it possible to create computational optimized structures in the near future.   The specific goal for this graduation project is to make a parametric, structural optimization model for the optimization of complex shell structures, which can be manufactured by a 3D concrete printer. Both form finding (for the global shape optimization) and topology optimization (for an optimized material distribution on a local level) will be combined in a parametric model. Specific restrictions, followed by 3D printing of concrete, will be incorporated in the optimization model in order to create a printable shell structure. The end goal is to actually print an optimized shell structure with a 3D printer for a specific case.