The mastertrack Structural Engineering and Design is part of the master Architecture, Building and Planning at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Internships for SED students

An internship is a good opportunity to gain experience in the professional field. Apart from the international experience recommended by the TU/e, two types of internships are used in the ABP master.

  • Internship relevant work experience (7KRWE0, 5ECTS – 140 h) that serves to gain relevant work experience
  • Internship academic work experience (7KRWE0, 15ECTS – 420h) that has a large academic learning component.

You can do these internships within the free electives part of the master, or extra-curricular. To find a suitable internship, you can use several options.

  • Bulletin board of the unit SED (Floor 9)
  • Vacancy database of KOers
  • Vacancies on websites of the companies themselves
  • Contact interesting companies


  1. Together with the company, you will set out the internship's contents and duration. Ensure that you discuss the details with the responsible lecturer for internships of the unit SED (Dianne van Hove, to check whether the contents meet the learning objectives of the internship course. You don’t need to subscribe to the course in Osiris but contact Dianne van Hove straight away. 
  2. When the contents are approved by both the company and the responsible lecturer, you need to sign an internship agreement. This agreement must have one of the 2 formats that are approved by the TU/e.
    a. Standard TU/e workspace agreement for EU/EEA students (download)
    b. Standard internship agreement for non-EU/EEA students (download)
    This agreement needs to be signed no later than 6 weeks after the start of your internship. Make sure that both the TU/e and the internship company have a copy.
  3. Hand in the signed contract together with the ‘Annex form internship agreement’ (download) to the unit's responsible lecturer for a signature.
  4. Hand both forms in at ESA Built Environment (floor 2 or
  5. Ensure the internship provider receives a copy of the fully signed internship agreement.
  6. After finishing the internship, deliver your report according to the agreements you made with the responsible lecturer. You will receive an assessment, and the Education office will process the result.