Eindcolloquium – Arthur van Lier | Studievereniging KOers

Eindcolloquium – Arthur van Lier

Bending-active timber plate structures

Form and structure are in close relation with each other. This relation becomes especially clear in bending-active systems. These are structural systems that include curved beam or shell elements that base their geometry on the elastic deformation from an initially straight or planar configuration. The structural elements need a certain amount of slenderness to be formed into shape. At the same time, structural systems should be designed to withstand large external forces. Simply increasing member dimension does not satisfy. Stiffness and stability are found in the geometry, which ties form, structure, material and analysis into one holistic approach. The research of this graduation project focuses on the issues that come along when designing large-scale, long-lasting structures using flexible timber plates. As a result of stress-relaxation, a large fraction of the bending-stresses fades away during the structure’s lifetime, resulting in changes in the structural behaviour. A bending active arch has been developed that is based on modular system in which the negative effects of stress-relaxation are minimised.