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Eindcolloquium – Jitske Knipping

Safety assessment for capacity design of the cross-section of a bolted steel connection in tension

Capacity design is an earthquake proof design strategy. To this end, the structure is designed in such a way that ductile behavior occurs before a structural component fails in a brittle way. When considering a bolted steel connection in tension the gross cross-section must yield before the net cross-section fails brittly, according to the Eurocode’s capacity design rule. With this type of failure the structure is earthquake proof and a warning mechanism is created.


Due to the production of gas in the north of the Netherlands more earthquakes occur and therefore new and existing buildings in that area must be earthquake resistant. Unfortunately it is difficult to satisfy  the current capacity design rule of the Eurocode, because with a regular construction method the holes are already too large to satisfy the capacity design. The goal of the research is to determine if current capacity design rule is satisfying.