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KOers murder Game – The Lustrum Edition

Are you ready for a little tension between studying?

Join the lustrum edition of the KOers murder game!

After many successful editions of this game during activities of KOers with memorable highlights, the battle will erupt during this December month for the lustrum edition.

Do you want to keep your honor high and remain the unbeaten winner within the study association? Or are you a new member who want to conquer the throne? One thing is certain: there is no better way to really get to know your fellow students.

But be careful! Make sure you are alert during the entire lustrum month. You can be everyone’s target and the game does not stop until the winner is known!

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So how exactly does it work?

The game will start on Monday 3rd December 2018 during the opening of the lustrum exhibition. Each participant receives three targets in the form of a card with the name of the target, the murder word and a code on it.

You kill your target by having him or her speak out the word on the card. For you as a killer, this is a forbidden word to pronounce. Did you succeed? Well done! You have disabled your target and you receive his/her target (or targets if he/she has already committed several successful murders) in the same color category.

The latter is very important. Because it is the lustrum edition, there are three game lines mixed and everyone has multiple targets. If you are killed by someone, you only have to hand over your targets of the same color category. So, if you needed some time to get used to the game, you can still recover! But do you know how to act clever in all three game lines, you may become the ultimate winner.

If you succeed in eliminating your target, you will receive their targets of that category in the form of the game cards. This card contains a valuable code. Send this code to the game leaders and you will receive a hint that can make you more successful in the game.

Is the murder game not going so well for you? Do not give up too soon! 

Additional hints can be obtained during all lustrum activities. It is up to you whether you want to ask for a hint about the word that your murderer tries to eliminate you with so you can pay better attention or rather have a hint on how to earn extra points during the lustrum that can give a surprising twist to the final ranking.

Yes you read that correctly! For an extra dimension to this lustrum edition there will be extra opportunities during this month to earn points for the final ranking. More about this will become clear during the game…

The ultimate winner of this lustrum edition of the KOers murder game will be announced at the last activity of the lustrum, the pubquiz. The person with the most committed murders and possible extra points earned during the lustrum month will receive an awesome prize this evening and can take the ultimate KOers murder game cup home!

For information during the game, contact the game leaders thelustrumgame@koerstue.nl.