Lunchlezing – Prof. dr. Awaludin LVL constructies | Studievereniging KOers

Lunchlezing – Prof. dr. Awaludin LVL constructies

In samenwerking met de leerstoel Houtconstructies organiseert Studievereniging KOers een lunchlezing over LVL-houtverbindingen.

Professor dr. Awaludin van de Gadjah Mada University van Yogyakarta zal een lezing verzorgen over dit onderwerp. Hieronder staat een korte introductie over de lezing:

Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) made from Indonesian wood species has come into market since couple years ago. Two wood species are generally used for the LVL production since they are typical of fast growing species. As an effort to develop guidance for an optimum utilization of this LVL in structural building applications, series of test were conducted in the Structural Engineering Laboratory of Civil and Environmental Engineering Dpt., of Gadjah Mada University from 2012 to 2015.
This lecture summaries the four years research on Indonesian LVL covers three following issues:

1) mechanical properties;
2) bolted connections – shear and moment resisting joints;
3) building components – bearing load capacity of floor system, racking resistance of wooden panel, and bending capacity of non-prismatic beams.

De lunchlezing is in de trappenzaal van half 1 tot half 2 en gratis voor KOers-leden.