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Tussencolloquium – Pierre Hendrikx

Design considerations of a holiday home in cellular glass

Cellular glass is only known at the moment in an application for thermal bridging under masonry leafs. Due to its low compression strength and complete lack of tensile strength, it is not directly suitable for constructions. This design/research focuses on the problems that occur when cellular glass is applied as a structural material on request of a manufacturer of cellular glass products.

The main focus will be on the failure behavior of cellular glass in arch structures and how it can deal with tensile strength. Usually, the material is heavy enough to counter eccentric loading, but cellular glass is too light to compensate for eccentric loading. The four-hinge model of Heymans will be used in combination with a finite-element analysis and reinforcement techniques to come to a solution to this problem. On the side, the stress must be monitored at all times, because the material looses its elastic properties as soon as the plastic state is reached.