Tussencolloquium – Ruud Winters | Studievereniging KOers

Tussencolloquium – Ruud Winters

Extended yield line theory: implementation of membrane forces in arbitrary shaped floor slabs

The current state of technology gives us the ability to make detailed calculations of (concrete) structures using finite element methods. In the past, these calculations didn’t exist, and structures would be calculated based on calculation techniques such as the yield line theory and the strut-and-tie model.

Besides the development of the finite element method, the state of technology also gives the possibility to use these ‘simple’ and ‘old’ methods in an early stage of the design process, by incorporating them in parametric design tools.

In a previous graduation project, a parametric calculation model has been made which used the yield line theory as a calculation model. In this project, a theory to calculate membrane forces will be elaborated, and this theory will be incorporated in the rewritten parametric model.