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ENCI-MDE to… Vienna!

One of KOers’ activities is the ENCI Multiple Day Excursion. This year the location was revealed by Sinterklaas and it was announced to be Vienna! During the kingsday weekend we went with 20 people to this amazing city on a trip sponsored by ENCI.

The trip started on Thursday when everyone gathered at the Rotterdam Airport. Here the murder game started, which lasted the whole trip. During the murder game the participants aren’t allowed to say a word to a certain person. If you say the word to that person, you are killed. The first execution was already issued at the airport. When we arrived in Vienna we went straight to our hostel, where we had a drink at the bar and went to bed to prepare for the very busy next day.

On Friday we visited Bollinger+Grohmann, who gave us an office tour and a very interesting presentation on parametric design and the Karamba tool which they developed. Next we visited the WU campus where Vasko+Partner, the main construction firm of the project, showed us around. After which we went to the Prater park which is located right next to the campus. Can you imagine having a theme park right next to our university? During the afternoon we walked around the Danube Island where the DC Tower is located which is the highest skyscraper in Vienna, with the structural design made by Bollinger+Grohmann. In the evening we had burgers to prepare for the upcoming party as during the night we were invited by the student association of the civil engineering faculty to join their epic faculty party. And epic it was…

On Saturday early morning, after breakfast, we started off with a professional tour around the central station area, where a lot of new interesting projects are happening. During the afternoon we followed the committee leaders to walk us around the city of Vienna. The city walk was worth it, although there were a lot of complaints about sore feet.  During the evening we met up with the students of the student association in Vienna, who showed us around the TU campus. They also took us for dinner in the cutest little restaurant which belonged to a wine field!

On Sunday, the last day of our trip, we continued the committee led city walk through the historic parts of Vienna. After the walk it was sadly already time to go back home. When we arrived home, the winners of the murder game were announced. It was revealed that there were a lot of silent murders and there were only 5 people still alive. However the mass murderers Karsten and Dian were the definite winners of this game!

The trip was a huge success and we would like to thank Bollinger+Grohmann, Vasko+Partner, the student association Fachschaft Bauingenieurwesen, ENCI, and of course the committee for making this amazing trip possible.

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