Nieuws vanuit de faculteit | Studievereniging KOers

Nieuws vanuit de faculteit

Vanuit de faculteit heeft KOers de vraag gekregen de volgende informatie te verspreiden onder de leden:

Up until 20 April, the Master’s Programs of ABP and CME, including the courses, have been developed for the incoming students in September 2015.

These programs were published during the Master Event last Monday and are now available on OASE, in the column ‘Education News’.

This week we accelerated the development of the so called Transitional Arrangement, meant for the current MSc-students:

  • We are consulting with the units about the possibilities and to develop the regulations.
  • Several cohorts are considered separately:
    • Incoming students February 2015
    • Incoming students September 2014
    • Former incoming students
    • As soon as the definitive form of the transitional arrangement is at hand (June) the MSc-students will be informed.
  • There is no doubt that we take this job very seriously. A smooth transition takes top priority.