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Design 2 Print Engineer

Student Assistants BAU-Studio 1 (only B-project)

Teaching Assistant Advanced Steel and Aluminium Structures

Bijbaan als tekenaar

Junior constructeur


BAM Graduate Programme

Student assistant Dimensioning of Structures

Bijbaan Constructief Tekenaar



Teaching Assistant Concrete & Masonry Structures

Teaching Assistant Advanced Concrete Structures

BIM modelleur constructie – Croes Bouwtechnisch Ingenieursbureau

Vacature Reijneveld

Constructeur bouwconstructies – Croes Bouwtechnisch Ingenieursbureau

Constructeur – Pieters Bouwtechniek

BIM modelleur – Pieters Bouwtechniek

Constructeur Bouwconstructies (m/v)

Internship Singapore

Stageplek van Rossum

Stage design development

Stage Movares

Stage I.C.E. St. Maarten

Adaptive Joints with Variable Stiffness

In-plane behaviour, or   Out of plane behaviour

Research question and aim of the study Traffic sign supporting systems, traditionally constructed in steel, are nowadays constructed more and more from aluminium alloys. Various types of design are applied that often deviate from the traditional steel ones. Questions are: What is the effect of the loads acting on the structures? What is the resistance […]

Graduation Studio SD

Aluminium structures

Introduction Element façades are composed out of individual pre-fabricated elements. This results in a fast and economic installation with limited use of resources in manpower and tooling compared to traditional curtain walls. Element facades are applied in many utilization buildings. These systems are often the eye catcher of the building. They integrate many functions, amongst […]


NRP Masterprijs