‘Concrete day’

The so called ‘Concrete day’ took place Thursday, November 17th. KOers participated with a large number of students. This year event had the theme ‘intelligent concrete’. Also this year one of are KOers member won a ENCI Study price. Congratulations Marijn Bruurs! He won the 2nd price in the category University with his research about […]

Student Steel Award

Thuesday October 11th the National Steel day took place. This was a good moment for the students to expand their networks and attend several interesting lectures. On this day the Student Steel Awards were presented, two of our members won a prize. Congratulations! – Derk Bos won the 2nd prize in the category Bachelor – Eef […]

Gelukkig Nieuwjaar! / Happy New Year

Namens het 46e bestuur der studievereniging KOers wensen wij al onze leden, sponsoren en partners het beste voor 2016! Vergeet niet naar de nieuwjaarsborrel te komen, deze zal plaatsvinden op 5 januari om 16:00 in de colloquiumzaal op vloer 5! – English Version – On behalf of the 46th board of study association KOers, we […]


TU/e Skills Lab helps with your thesis

Do you have troubles writing your thesis, because you just can’t find that one word or because you lost the overview? That’s where TU/e offers a perfect solution: A tutorial on Master Thesis Writing in English. This course is free to follow and doesn’t come with ECTS, but it can definitely help you improving the […]