• What is KOers?
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  • Lustrum VII
  • Lustrum VI

What is KOers?

KOers is the study association for students Structural Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). At the moment KOers has about 300 members.

The main goal of KOers is to complement the education of students and to bring them into contact with the business community. This is achieved by organizing excursions, lectures, workshops and a study trip. All the activities have a connection to both the theoretical education and engineering practice.

The education-committee of KOers keeps a close eye on the courses and projects of the mastertrack Structural Design. Evaluation meetings are held, where students and teachers can evaluate courses and projects trough discussion.
Three times a year our association releases a magazine: the KOersief. This magazine contains interesting articles about engineering practice, graduate students present their work and activities are presented.

KOers organizes, besides the educational activities, also drinks, parties and a yearly BBQ. The Concrete-canoe-race and football team are some of the sporting activities of KOers.


KOers has a long history. KOers exists since December 21st 1978.

The official founding of KOers is on December 21st 1978. Reni van Vliet and Huub Heijgele visited the notary office that day to get a certificate of incorporation. In this document the goal of the association was explained: “the association aims to represent the interests of students from the mastertrack Structural Design”. As of this day KOers was officially founded, although the hard work to make this possible started three years earlier.

1975 – 1986:
As early as 1975 the first study trip was organized with England as its destination. Every two months a movie was played during the lunch break and monthly drinks were held.
In January 1978 the first KOersief was distributed. At the time it was 3 pages long and contained the plans of our study association.
In 1982 the first ideas for lunchlectures began to evolve. the second KOersief was distributed in May the same year. From this year on, the KOersief was distributed regularly. An editorial team was formed and the KOersief is published 3 to 4 times a year.
The study association for Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences (Cheops) was founded in 1985. From this moment KOers is no longer an independent association, and became part of Cheops. This year an excursion to Austria and Italy took place.

Jan Siebelink:
In 1987 Mr. Jan Siebelink bids farewell to the department. Jan Siebelink was one of the most recognizable and active members of KOers. Because of this, the lunch-corner in the main building was renamed to the Jan Siebelink corner. Eleven years later he was appointed honorary member in gratitude of his involvement and hard work for the association.

Besides the usual activities the Bata444race is the highlight of the year. After an extensive training program the participating students and staff achieve an excellent 221st place during the race in April.
In 1991, the association has about 25 members, KOers participates for the first time in the concrete-canoe race. KOers is represented in Gent (Belgium) with homemade canoes and even manages to win some prizes.
In the year 1996-1997 a lot has been done to attract new members. Among others, a BBQ is organized in June 1996 to celebrate the end of the academic year. After all these efforts, KOers has 66 student members, 11 “tientjes”members and 48 fund-members at the end of 1997.
In 1998 Muriel Alblas is appointed honorary member. As secretary of the department she meant a lot to the association.

At the start of the academic year 2002-2003 the faculty civil engineering moves to a new building: Vertigo. KOers has to say farewell to the office in the main building. KOers got a new accomodation in the new building, at the fifth floor.

This year another move is planned. This time within Vertigo. The board of the association has to move to a different spot on the fifth floor, together with the other study associations.
This is also the year the concrete-canoe race visits Eindhoven. After 13 years KOers has the privilege to organize this international event. After a difficult start a fantastic event was organized.

Again, the KOers corner has to move within Vertigo, and gets allocated a corner in the former printing office at floor 2. The former location on floor 5 is still in use by KOers members who are graduating.

KOers was asked to organize the concrete canoe race again in May 2018. This time, the event was held at the ‘E3-strand’ in Eersel, with a record number of teams coming from from the Netherlands, Germany, and even Poland!


The membership is free for al bachelor-students and master-students Structural Design.

Why should you become a member?

– Regularly interesting (free) excursions, lectures and workshops are organized;
– You are kept up to date of all KOers news and activities trough the k-m@il;
– You have access to old exams in the exam library;
– You get a good overview of the mastertrack SD;
– You get the opportunity to take place in several committees;
– You get to know people with the same interest;
– You are welcome to drinks and parties.

There are three different memberships:

The membership is free for al bachelor-students and master-students Structural Design. For other master-students the membership costs € 3,- a year.

Club-of-five (€ 5,00 / year) 
Graduated students can, for one year, become a member for the reduced rate of € 5,-.

Fund-member (€ 20,00 / jaar) 
Other members, graduates, teachers etc., can become a member for € 20,- a year.

Current board (49th board)

Current board: (from left to right) Tim, Lars, Willem, Dominique

Willem Bouwsema – Chairman










Dominique van der Weijden – Treasurer and Secretary 










Tim Schellekens – Commissioner Public Relations and Secretary










Lars Hogenboom – Commissioner Education and Vice-Chairman









Past boards

Board 2017-2018

Derk Bos – Chairman
Gido Dielemans – Secretary and Vice-Chairman
Maisa van Genderen – Treasurer and Commissioner Activities
Denise Kerindongo – Commissioner Education and Commissioner Activities
Caroline Koks – Commissioner Public Relations


Board 2016-2017 (47th board)

Lars Croes – Chairman
Eline Dolkemade – Secretary and Commissioner Education
Lia de Mooij – Treasurer
Thomas Dam – Commissioner Public Relations and Vice-Chairman


Board 2015-2016

Gosse Slager – Chairman
Pierre Hendrikx – Secretary and Commisioner PR
Wessel Manders – Treasurer
Lieneke van der Molen – Commissioner of Education

Bestuursfoto KOers - Robbert de Smet (4) uitsnede

 Board 2014-2015

Thijs de Goede – Chairman
Sander Montr̩e РSecretary
Gerben van der Meijde – Treasurer
Jelle Mensink – Commissioner PR
Niels Hanegraaf – Commissioner Editorial board

Miniature bestuur 45

Board 2013-2014

Loes Mulders – Chairman
Miranda Kamphuis – Secretary
Marijn Bruurs – Treasurer / Commissioner PR


bestuursfoto_koers_2013_2014_06 facebook


Board 2012-2013

Rob Wolfs – Chairman
Linda Verschuren – Secretary
Christiaan den Otter – Treasurer
Thijs Meijers – Commissioner PR
Iris Rombouts – Commissioner Activities + Education


Bestuur 2012-2013


Board 2012

Omar Sarfatij – Chairman
Tim Donkers – Secretary
Jeroen Hendriks – Treasurer + Commissioner PR



Board 2011

Omar Sarfatij – Chairman
Steven Schoenmakers – Secretary
Jeroen Hendriks – Treasurer + Commissioner PR



Board 2010-2011

Steven Schoenmakers – Chairman
Emiel Custers – Secretary
Douwe Stellingwerff – Treasurer + Commissioner PR
Roel Pluijmen – Commissioner Activities



Board 2010

Lianne Tas – Chairman
Jean-Paul Frencken – Secretary
Marco Schmeitz – Treasurer + Commissioner PR
Bastiaan G̦ttgens РCommissioner Editorial board
Sean Diederen – Commissioner Activities


Board 2009

Lianne Tas – Chairman
Koen van Uffelen – Secretary
Wouter van der Sluis – Treasurer
Robbert – Commissioner PR


Board 2008-2009

Koen van Uffelen – Chairman
Anne-Marie van Welie – Secretary
Wouter van der Sluis – Treasurer
Robbert – Commissioner PR
Harm Boel – Commissioner Education
Marko Jovic – Commissioner Activities
Hamza Chakiri – Commissioner Activities


Board 2007-2008

Linh Sa L̻ РChairman
Mat̩i Kevenaar РSecretary
Rianne Luimes – Treasurer


Board 2006-2007

Ragavan Appiah – Chairman + Commissioner Activities
Menno van Dijk – Treasurer + Secretary


Board 2005-2006

Maarten Braem – Chairman + Secretary
Jop Courage – Treasurer
Wil van de Wouw – Secretary + Commissioner Activities
Bas Wijnbeld – Commissioner Editorial board + Commissioner Activities


Board 2004-2005

Alexander Suma – Chairman
Karin de Louw – Secretary
Dennis Opbroek – Treasurer
Sigrid Mulders – Commissioner Activities
Alexandro Janga – Commissioner Activities
Geert Brouwers – Commissioner PR
Gertjan Coenen – Commissioner Editorial board



Board 2003-2004

Michaël Fütterer – Chairman
Wendy Seijkens – Treasurer
Frank Huijben – Commissioner Activities



Board 2002-2003

Linda Schetters – Chairman
Manja van de Worp – Secretary
Dirk Rinze Visser – Treasurer
Jitze Koops – Commissioner Activities
Dennis Woudenberg – Commissioner Activities
Paul Teeuwen – Commissioner Editorial board


Board 2001-2002

Evert Leijendekker – Chairman
Annemarie Hoogervorst – Secretary
Stefan Holman – Treasurer
Stephanie Ogink – Commissioner Activities
Nory Walenbergh – Commissioner Activities
Niels van Kronenberg – Commissioner Editorial board



Board 2000-2001

Walter van Adrichem – Chairman
Wilbert Savelkous – Secretary
Ernst Klmaer – Treasurer
Linda Bukman – Commissioner Activities
Monique Haenen – Commissioner Activities
Twan Hendriks – Commissioner Editorial board



KOers has a lot of committees. Every committee has its own activities. The best about taking place in a committee is getting to know other KOers-members and organizing activities. Besides that, it can also be a nice addition to your resume and a way to learn new skills.

Some committees are complementing education, others are active within the field of Structural Design. Think about building the concrete canoes or organizing the study trip. The drink and party committee is responsible for the drinks.

We are currently putting together the committees, are you interested or do you want to know more about the committees? Send us an email!

Multiple Day Excursion Committee

Every year an excursion is organized, normally to a destination in Europe. Last year Stuttgart and Munich were visited. Previous years have visited Hambourg, Kopenhagen, Stuttgard, Oslo, Valencia, London and Berlin.

Study Trip Committee

In the second part of the academic year a trip is organized by the study trip committee. the goal of this trip is to get in touch with other cultures, architecture history and special structures. Last year a succesfull trip to Singapore was organized.

Concrete-canoe-race Committee

Concrete-canoe-race Committee
The Concrete-canoe-race is a yearly event where students of different universities and colleges race against each other in (homemade) concrete canoes. There are prizes for the heaviest canoe and there are races over several distances. Besides enlarging the current fleet, the committee takes care of making the teams. Special care is put into the innovative-canoe.

Concrete-canoe-race Organisation

Coming year, the Concrete-canoe-race will be held in Eindhoven. In this committee you will organise the event. This includes the planning of the weekend, guiding the teams and arranging sponsors. We are hoping for a committee to make the event a big succes.

Editorial board committee

Three times a year the magazine, The KOersief, is published. Each KOersief has a theme, such as Highrise, Calatrava or Graduating.
The KOersief has space for interesting articles, written by students, teachers or companies. Furthermore there are graduation reports and reports of recent activities.

  • Thomas van Vooren
  • Angelique van de Schraaf
  • Lieneke van der Molen
  • Eline Dolkemade
  • Tom Godthelp
  • Caroline Koks
  • Denise Kerindongo

Drink/party Committee

Regularly, a drink will be organized for all KOers members. These drinks usually take place in the SkyBar! Underground, in Vertigo. There are several reasons to organize a drink, like the shuffleboard drink, a contest between KOers and SUPport, Chrismas or New Year. Finally we close the academic year with a Barbeque. The Drink/party Committee consists of the previous (47th) Board:

  • Lars Croes
  • Eline Dolkemade
  • Lia de Mooij
  • Thomas Dam

Media Committee

The media committee is responsible for the website and other social media, and tries to improve it where necessary.

  • Gido Dielemans
  • Denise Kerindongo
  • Maisa van Genderen

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board advises and monitors the board.

  • Rob Wolfs (43th board KOers)
  • Thijs de Goede (45th board KOers)
  • Gerben van der Meijde (45th board KOers)
  • Wessel Manders ( 46th board KOers)
  • Lia de Mooij (47th board of KOers)
  • Thomas Dam (47th board of KOers)

Treasurer Control Committee

The Treasurer Control Committee advises the treasurer and monitors the accountancy.

  • Gerben van der Meijde (45th board of KOers)
  • Wessel Manders (46th board of KOers)
  • Lia de Mooij (47th board of KOers
  • Amy Hendriks (31th board of CHEOPS)

Lustrum VIII – KOers 40 years

At the end of 2018, the 8th lustrum of KOers will be celebrated.

During the academisch jaar of 2017/2018 the 48th board will start the Lustrumcommittee.

Are you interested to participate or do you want to know more, Send us an email!

Lustrum VII – 35 jaar KOers!


De bouw is turbulent en kent ups en downs. Dit is niet nieuw en algemeen bekend. Toch lijkt het de laatste jaren zo slecht te gaan dat er gesproken wordt van een ware bouwcrisis. Maar hoe erg is deze crisis en hoe lang duurt ze nog? Praten we er niet te veel over en moeten we niet eigenlijk veel meer doen waar we goed in zijn: bouwen!

Op 21 december bestond studievereniging KOers 35 jaar. Dit heuglijke feit werd gevierd met een week aan bijzondere activiteiten, als lezingen, workshops en een gala. Tijdens deze feestelijke week bleef KOers echter kritisch. Met het thema (R)Evolutie? worden vraagtekens gezet bij de huidige status van de bouw. Gaan de ontwikkelingen de juiste richting op of kunnen we beter vasthouden aan het ouderwetse imago van de bouw? Welke toonaangevende innovaties zijn de laatste jaren doorgevoerd en hoe ziet de constructieve toekomst er uit? Deze en meer vragen werden beantwoord tijdens de vele activiteiten van de lustrumweek van KOers.

De 7e lustrumweek van KOers vond plaats in kalenderweek 50. Van 8 t/m 13 december 2013 werden dagelijks activiteiten georganiseerd, in en rond het Vertigo gebouw op de campus van de TU/e:

Zondag 8 dec : Alumni-dag
Maandag 9 dec : Opening van de lustrumweek, tentoonstelling, pubquiz
Dinsdag 10 dec : Minisymposium
Donderdag 12 dec   Betonworkshop
Vrijdag 13 dec : Gala

(klik op de activiteit om naar de foto’s te gaan)

De lustrumcommissie bestond uit de volgende fanatieke KOers-leden:

– Laurens Ensink – Voorzitter

– Gydo Fransen – Secretaris

– Christian Fredrix – Penningmeester

– Rob Wolfs – Commissaris Public Relations

– Marijn Bruurs – 44e Bestuur

Lustrum VI – 1978 – 2008

In december 2008 bestond KOers 30 jaar. Om dit te vieren werd er een lustrumweek georganiseerd. De lustrumweek vond plaats in week 48, van zondag 23 november 2008 tot zaterdag 29 november 2008.

Het thema van de lustrumweek was: KOers zoekt de grenzen op!

In dit dubbelzinnige thema wordt op verschillende wijzen gerefereerd naar de aspecten waar een constructeur mee te maken krijgt. De activiteiten van de lustrumweek zullen alle een herkenbare verbinding hebben met het thema.

Het programma van de lustrumweek zag er als volgt uit:

Zondag 23 nov : Alumni-dag
Maandag 24 nov : Officiële opening van de lustrumweek en de tentoonstelling
Dinsdag 25 nov : Lezing en excursie
Woensdag 26 nov : Workshop en Spelshow
Donderdag 27 nov : Symposium
Vrijdag 28 nov : Gala

Meer weten? Klik hier!