About KOers

KOers is the study association for students Structural Engineering and Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology and provides added value in addition to the study for its members.

About KOers

KOers is the study association for Structural Engineering and Design students at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). At present, KOers has about 300 members.

The main goal of KOers is to complement the education of students and to bring them into contact with the business community. This is achieved by organizing excursions, lectures, workshops, and study trips. All the activities have a link with both theoretical education and engineering practice.

The education committee of KOers keeps a close eye on the courses and projects of the mastertrack Structural Engineering and Design. Evaluation meetings are held, where students and teachers can evaluate courses and projects through discussion.

Two times a year, our association releases a magazine: the KOersief. This magazine contains interesting articles on engineering practice, the work of graduate students, and activities organized or visited by KOers. From 2019 onwards, also online articles will be published. 

KOers organizes, besides the educational activities, also drinks, parties, and a yearly BBQ. The Concrete Canoe Race and the Batavieren Race are some of the sports activities in which KOers participates.

The general policy of KOers is described in the following document. A yearly policy plan exists in addition to this general policy. 

Download: KOers general policy (pdf)