The mastertrack Structural Engineering and Design is part of the master Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Technology in Eindhoven. 

Graduation at SED

The graduation project is the final course to be followed to finish the master program Structural Engineering and Design at TU/e. The total scope of the graduation project amounts 45 ECTS; thus, an individual study charge of 1344 hours. The credits for the graduation project are obtained after examining the final presentation and graduation project report.

In order to kick-start your graduation project, Study association KOers and the SED-Unit will have 2 information meetings during an academic year in which a step-by-step approach and guideline will be presented. Additionally, a graduation guidline document is constructed by KOers espcially for the SED-graduation project, this document can serve as a guideline and checklist.


Every student who would like to start graduating should meet the requirements:
▪ The student has a Bachelor Degree Architecture Building and Planning or passed the intermediate program successfully.
▪ The examination committee has approved the study plan of the student.
▪ The student has at least accumulated 55 ECTS and no more than 20 ECTS remain open. 

Regarding this last requirement it should however be noted that it is strongly advised to finish all courses before starting the graduation project. 

When the students meet the requirements he or she may start with the graduation project. Preparation of the  graduation project preferably starts during the last quartile before the graduation project is started officially. Visit the information meetings from KOers and the Structural Engineering and Design unit and start orientating on the graduation possibilities within the SED unit.

For more information we will refer you to the graduation guidelines which can be downloaded below.