KOers membership

Membership for Structural Engineering and Design students is free. When registered, you can join all of our activities and you will receive a copy of our magazine the “KOersief” twice a year.

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KOers memberships

Membership is free for all Bachelor students and for all Master students within the direction of Structural Engineering and Design.

There are several different memberships at KOers:

Student member (FREE)
For students, this student membership exists. All Bachelor students and all Master students within the direction of Structural Engineering and Design can join KOers for free.

Other Master student member (€3,00 / Year)
For Master-students in a different track than SED, membership costs €3,- per year.

Club five (€5,00 / year) 
For recent graduates, there is a club five membership. Graduates can become or stay members of KOers for one year at a reduced price of €5,- per year.

Fund members (€20,00 / year)
For older graduates, PhD and PDEng candidates, employees, and other people who care about KOers, there is a fund membership. These people can become members of KOers as non-students for €20,- per year.

Former KOers board member (FREE)
For former KOers board members, membership is free. This to thank the board members for their efforts and to commit them to KOers forever.