The shift from Demand-driven Design to Supply-driven Design

Prospective stock-constrained design of structures (obsolete to a new location – digital phase)

Supply of reused materials that are becoming available influences a building’s design. The probability of the range of structural building components becoming available corresponding exactly to the specification is very small. Indeed, these materials do not have consistent geometric and mechanical properties. In other words, the available stock of structural components predetermines the layout of the structure which limits design freedom for architects and structural engineers.

We will be thinking about how we can solve this problem by:
•    Building stock modelling and implementing Machine Learning for prediction of availability (to have better visibility on supply-chain: what our building stock is made of and when a building gets demolished / what, when will become available (urban mining)
•    Reversing the conventional design process [form follows availability]: a stock-based form-finding strategy that balances structural performance and design preferences (aesthetics and creativity) to build diverse structures (masonry, funicular, reticular (?) etc.).


The contact for this job posting is Sandra Lucas & Gülay Elbasdi.