End of the Year Barbecue

KOers celebrates the end of academic year 2020-2021 with the yearly barbecue. The end of the year-barbecue is moved to the start of the new academic year due to ongoing restrictions at the start of the summer. On this day, we will celebrate the end of a year full of challenges, and more importantly, that we can meet all of you again. Food and drinks are free for KOers members! If you have dietary preferences, please let us know.

Subscribe to be sure of a place! We hope we can welcome all of you, but if there is a maximum amount of attendees, the earliest subscribers have priority. Some spots will be reserved for guests like SED staff members. The precise times and location are subject to change.

For non-KOers members, attendance is 5 euro's. Subscribe if you are a member or email us if you want to attend.

Want to participate?