Online Beer Pong Drink

On the 5th of June, KOers and Mollier will battle against each other for the fourth time in a new edition of the Beer Pong Battle! Due to Corona, this year’s edition will be online.
•    Make sure you have some beer, Beer Pong cups, and a ping pong ball at home. You can also use cups with a maximum diameter of 82mm and a ball with a maximum diameter of 40mm;
•    Place 10 cups in a triangle on a table;
•    Place your laptop in a way that the cups are visible, make sure that your laptop doesn’t get wet in case one of the cups falls over;
•    Fill the cups with water;
•    Fill a separate cup with beer; 
•    Stand at 3 meters distance from the cup at the front;
•    If your opponent throws the ball in one of his cups, you have to drink the separate cup and refill it;
•    You have still the possibility to rearrange the cups of your opponent 1 time.

Want to participate?

These people are participating!

  • Anne Derks
  • Evelien Dorresteijn
  • Monica Suijs
  • Sue Ellen de Nijs