Sexy Sectie Party!

Keep the 7th of June free on your agenda! All the sections of the Built Environment have come together to throw the biggest party of the century! Make sure to tell all your friends and put on your sexiest outfit.

The theme of the Sexy Sectie Party will be the Outer Space Party!

Try to come as spacey as possible, whether you’re a Trekkie or more Star Wars. But the term Space is open to its own interpretation. One mandatory criterion of the evening: make it sexy! The price of the tickets will be 1,50 pre-sale, and tickets sold at the door will be 2,50. The first two barrels of beer are on the house, after that the beers will be at own cost.

For buying a ticket, please fill in this Google Form and pay with the Tikkie or by transferring it to the bank account, before June 7th. If you have not yet claimed a ticket on the day of the party, you can buy your ticket at the door for 2,50. 

In case you filled in the form and paid the Tikkie, you're name is on a list and you will be given entrance to the bar at the door. 

Want to participate?