Excursion Advanced Steel & Aluminum Structures

For the course Advanced Steel & Aluminum Structures KOers organizes an interesting trip to the Hydro production plant in Drunen on the 9th of January. 

Have you ever wondered how aluminum profiles are made? During this trip it will all become clear! Hydro will start with a presentation about themselves and what they do, but quickly we will go to the production plant and see the extrusion process in person.

Transport by bus is provided. The bus will depart at 13:00 sharp from the crossing of 'De Zaale' & 'Den Dolech' (in between Atlas and Auditorium). We will be back on campus at 17:30. A maximum of 30 students can join the excursion.

Everyone is welcome to join, also if you do not follow the course Advanced Steel & Aluminum Structures. However, in case the limit of 30 students is reached, students that do follow the course get priority!

It is also important to note that the sign-up deadline is on the 20th of December already, so make sure you do subscribe in time! 

Want to participate?

11 / 30 spots left