KOers International Study Trip Taiwan

Every year, KOers organizes an international study trip to a country outside Europe. After very successful trips to New York, Dubai, Singapore, Japan and Canada, this year’s trip will go to the beautiful Taiwan! The construction industry in Taiwan faces many challenges such as earthquakes and typhoons, which we will discover during the trip. The plan is to start in southern Taiwan, in the city of Kaohsiung. From there we will travel to the north of the island via the cities of Tainan and Taichung, with Taipei as the final destination! The mentioned cities (except Taipei) are still subject to change. The study trip is an excellent opportunity to get to know a new culture and the construction industry in Taiwan!

Date: 14-27 July 2020
Price: €895,-
Signup deadline: 30 January 2020

What can you expect?:

  • Flight
  • Transfers between cities
  • Stay at hostel + breakfast
  • Day time activities
  • Company and university visits
  • A lot of fun!
  • Unforgettable moments!

To confirm your subscription it is necessary to sign the contract which you can find in the KOershoek in Vertigo floor 2 or ask the study trip committee ( for a contract. You can send the signed contract to or hand it in at the KOershoek.

Want to participate?

These people are participating!

  • Anke Leemans
  • Anne Derks
  • Ate Jellema
  • Esther Brouwer
  • Evelien Dorresteijn
  • Franka Pels Rijcken
  • Hidde van Wezel
  • Joes Sloots
  • Leonie van der Molen
  • Linda Versteegh
  • Lisa van den Dungen
  • Marc Nijenhuis
  • Monica Suijs
  • Nicky de Vries
  • Olaf Vens
  • Pamela Schippers
  • Paul Otterspoor
  • Rijk Blok
  • Sebastiaan van Hassel
  • Sue Ellen de Nijs
  • Timo Frielink
  • Tom Diks