KOers goes Groningen

Great news everyone, KOers will venture once again to the mystical city of Groningen! This beautiful city is the home of many things: old architecture, a rich student life, the eierbal, and abtWassenaar! This small trip includes a company visit, a construction site visit, a drink, a dinner, a night out and an overnight stay! It’s the perfect opportunity to experience a KOers study trip in case you couldn’t join the MDE or if you can’t join the KIST!

abtWassenaar will open the doors of their office on Friday March 22nd for a nice lunch and presentation, after which we will have a bike tour visiting several of abtWassenaar's projects in the city of Groningen. This tour will also include a visit to a construction site! After the tour, we will have a drink with the people of abtWassenaar at their office, followed by dinner in a restaurant in the city's heart. 

We will sleep in a hostel in the city centre, with breakfast included. 

The costs will be €30,- including traveling costs, lunch, bikes in Groningen, drinks with abtWassenaar, dinner, eierbal, hostel and breakfast.

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