KOers goes Groningen

Two and a half years after the legendary first edition of KOers goes Groningen, it is time to make the journey once again! abtWassenaar will open the doors of their office on Friday June 17th for a nice lunch and presentation, after which we will have a bike tour visiting several of abtWassenaar's projects in the city of Groningen. After the tour, we will have a drink with the people of abtWassenaar in a local cafe, followed by dinner in a restaurant in the city's heart.
And of course, we will discover the never-ending nightlife of Groningen under the supervision of a local guide!
We will sleep in a hostel in the city centre, with breakfast included. 

The costs will be around €30,- including traveling costs, lunch, bikes in Groningen, drinks with abt, dinner, eierbal, hostel and breakfast.

Want to participate?

No spots left!