Nebest Excursion

Wednesday the 29th of November we are going to Nebest!

Nebest Adviesgroep is an independent engineering/consultancy firm specializing in inspection, technical advice, and project management in construction, infrastructure, industry, and hydraulic engineering. Nebest was founded in 1988 and now employs more than 230 people. From a central location in the Netherlands, where they have their own materials science laboratory, they serve various clients throughout the construction industry.

During the excursion we will visit their material science laboratory, where we will get the chance to perform some material tests ourselves!

We will depart from Eindhoven at 10:30 after which we will travel to the Nebest office in Vianen. Upon arrival we will first eat some lunch. Afterwards we will split up into groups and some presentations about the material testing of steel, concrete and masonry will be given. After these presentations we will perform some tests on each of these materials. The day will conclude with a small drink at Nebest, after which we will travel to Utrecht for a dinner. We will return in Eindhoven at around 19:00.

We will arrange transport to and from the Nebest office in Vianen as well as a free dinner! Subscribe below if you want to join! 

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