Concrete Excursion Solid Services

As an addition to the Advanced Concrete course, Solid Services will host a Concrete themed excursion to Haarlem where they are renovating an old parking garage. There is a lot of damage on the floors, columns and walls that is being repaired. This is done by removing the concrete, but leaving the reinforcement intact. At locations where the reinforcement has been damaged (for example by de-icing salts), new reinforcement must be added to restore the structural capacity. After this, the concrete is poured again and a cathodic protection system is installed on the floor (simply put: the concrete is permanently subjected to (a very small amount of) electricity). This system prevents damage in the future.

The excursion will start at 12:00 with a lunch organised by Solid Services, after which we will visit the parking garage. During the visit, we can see several stages of the renovation process: the original damages, parts where the concrete has been removed and corroded reinforcement is visible, repaired damages and the application of cathodic protection. The excursion will last till approximately 16:00 'o clock, after which we will travel back to Eindhoven. We will travel by train, all travel costs can be declared.

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