Lunch Lecture Engineering your future together

Imagine a client calls you and needs help. (S)he is building a wind farm in the North Sea and is preparing for construction. How will they transport the pieces to the installation location? How are they going to install these wind farms? That’s where we come in.

Would you like to know how it’s done? Then join us at their lunch lecture, on the 1st of October.

Our colleague, Wilco Vreugdenhil, will take you behind the scene of solving these engineering challenges. We will deep dive into a real-life project of TWD and show you our typical working method.

Sounds interesting? Meet us at the lunch lecture and Wilco will tell you all about it!

This lunch lecture will be held as a live stream, but we will facilitate a room to watch the live stream together while eating a free lunch! If you join, we will ask you whether you want to join the lunch or only join the live stream online. The earliest subscribers have priority in case of insufficient capacity in the room.

Want to participate?