Lunch Lecture Future of Structural Engineering

Future of structural engineering is now: In the years around the turn of the millennium a revolution in structural engineering took place. Increases in computing power and abilities of structural engineering software led to a workflow that was more digital. These tools also allowed for new forms of structural design previously not possible. Now, twenty years later, we live in the next revolution. Parametric design has evolved from a promise to a integral part of the structural engineering process. Like twenty years ago this makes new forms of structures possible as well as changes the way a structural engineer works.

In this lunch lecture Sander Zegers of VeriCon Ingenieurs Veldhoven bv will discuss the this new way of working for the structural engineer.

This lunch lecture will be held on campus, and the on-campus lecture wil be broadcast as a live stream.  If you join, we will ask you whether you want to attend on campus, which includes a free lunch, or only join the live stream online. The earliest subscribers have priority in case of insufficient capacity in the room.

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