Every year, KOers participates in the BetonKanoRace. Last year, we won the prize for the heaviest canoe and the most sustainable canoe which was made out of concrete paving stones. The BetonKanoRace committee of KOers is already busy with designing the concrete canoes of KOers of this year. 

The BetonKanoRace (BKR) is a yearly canoe racing event in which teams from different universities contest. Their goal is to design and construct competitive concrete canoes and compete in several categories. Those categories, ranging from a sustainability award to a prize for the fastest team on a specific distance, lead to the right mixture of innovation and athleticism.
Each year, the BKR is organized by a different study association. This year, the Utrechtse Technische Vereniging will organize the 43rd edition.

Do you want to participate in this amazing structural design related event and canoe with those canoes on the water? Then sign up below!
The price includes food and sleeping place.

Want to participate?

These people are participating!

  • Anke Leemans
  • Anne Derks
  • Bas van den Beuken
  • Britt Cordewener
  • Derk Bos
  • Evelien Dorresteijn
  • Femke Heuver
  • Hidde van Wezel
  • Jan-Willem van Maanen
  • Jef Verstegen
  • Jelle Versteege
  • Jeroen Spieringhs
  • Joes Sloots
  • Leroy Pieloor
  • Linda Versteegh
  • Marc Nijenhuis
  • Marijke Veenstra
  • Monica Suijs
  • Nick Visser
  • Olaf Vens
  • Pamela Schippers
  • Paul Otterspoor
  • Sue Ellen de Nijs
  • Tim Schellekens
  • Tom Diks
  • Tomas Snel
  • Willem Bouwsema