GLOW tour

During GLOW, KOers en Mollier will join forces and organize a GLOW tour together. Study associations CHEOPS en lucid together made an installation, HYPAR, which can be seen alongside of the route. This installation is calculated and designed by KOersmembers Jelle Versteege and Amy Hendriks. Before we leave to walk the route, Jelle will give an interesting talk about the struggles of the design of such a structure. After this presentation we will go to HYPAR and walk the rest of the route. During the tour we will also go to the Philipsstadion and watch the lightshow.

Want to participate?

These people are participating!

  • Anke Leemans
  • Anne Derks
  • Britt Cordewener
  • Denise Kerindongo
  • Evelien Dorresteijn
  • Hidde van Wezel
  • Jan-Willem van Maanen
  • Jelle Versteege
  • Jeroen Spieringhs
  • Joes Sloots
  • Leonie van der Molen
  • Linda Versteegh
  • Marc Nijenhuis
  • Monica Suijs
  • Olaf Vens
  • Paul Otterspoor
  • Qiao Ben Zhang
  • Sue Ellen de Nijs
  • Tim Schellekens
  • Timo Frielink
  • Tom Diks
  • Willem Bouwsema