Schoentje zetten

Sinterklaas kapoentje, throw something in my shoentje!
The 16th of November Sinterklaas is arriving in the Netherlands. This means getting a lot of presents, pepernoten and chocolate letters!
The 5th of December 'pakjesavond' takes place, because the 6th of December Sinterklaas is celebrating his Birthday! 
Every year dutch people are placing their shoes in front of their chimney(or something else) to receive those presents and pepernoten in their shoes. By night Sinterklaas walks on our roofs with his fungus (grey horse) and their black Petes.
At KOers we are also joining this tradition and on the 5th of December we place our shoes in the KOershoek! Put a carrot in your shoe or a nice drawing of Sinterklaas with KOers friends and maybe you will find a gift in your shoe on the day after! 

Are you also joining us? Let's see if you behaved good or bad last year and receive something nice in your shoe or the 'roe' (ass cookies)....


Want to participate?

These people are participating!

  • Anne Derks
  • Evelien Dorresteijn
  • Monica Suijs
  • Olaf Vens
  • Pieter van Loon
  • Sue Ellen de Nijs
  • Tim Schellekens