Crash Course Volleyball with Jelle Versteege

Do you want to practice for the Hajraa tournament or do you just want to enjoy a Volleybal training? Join KOers with a Volleybal training session! 

On June 6th, we will get a training at the Student Sports Centre Eindhoven (SSCE) from 15:30 until 17:00, making it a great way to end a day of hard studying! Jelle Versteege, a PhD'er at the SED unit, will be our teacher. 

We will gather in front of the entrance of SSCE at 15:15, after which everyone can change into their sports clothing in the changing rooms. Don't forget to bring indoor sports clothing and shoes. A sports shirt will be provided by KOers.

Note: To participate, a SSC member card is required!

Want to participate?