Grasshopper workshop

Please note: The location of the workshop has been changed!

Are you new to Grasshopper, or would you like to get a refreshment of your basic knowledge? Come to the Grasshopper workshop and learn the basics from experienced parametric designers! The workshop will be February the 15th from 13:30 to 15:50 in Neuron -1.354. After the workshop, we will close off the workshop by having a drink at floor 2.

To be able to follow the instructions given, please make sure to install Rhino and Grasshopper before the workshop. An updated guide for installing the software and setting up the license can be found here. If you were to have any questions or remarks regarding the installation, feel free to contact KOers by email or at the KOers desk in Vertigo 2.27.

Want to participate?

40 / 75 spots left