SCIA seismic workshop

SCIA will come back for a second workshop this year. Especially focused on the use of SCIA for the course Geotechnics, Soil Mechanics, and Seismic. During this workshop SCIA will come to explain how to use their product to make seismic calculations with it.

Want to participate?

8 / 28 spots left

These people are participating!

  • Ate Jellema
  • Carmen Korevaar
  • Femke Hermans
  • Geert van Bakel
  • Joes Sloots
  • Laura Dings
  • Leonie van der Molen
  • Leroy Pieloor
  • Linda Versteegh
  • Lisa van den Dungen
  • Maikel Brinkhoff
  • Maria Bruzell Roll
  • Paul Otterspoor
  • Rowin Bol
  • Sanne van der Wal
  • Sebastiaan van Hassel
  • Sue Ellen de Nijs
  • Suzan Van den Winkel
  • Timo Frielink
  • Tom Diks