Mid colloquium Monica Suijs

Colloquium Material and conductive properties of 3DCP with added carbon nanotubes

This graduation project is part of a bigger NWO project that researches new 3D printed concrete mixes with extra functionalities, like conducting electricity or self-sensing. These extra functionalities can be created by adding for example carbon nanotubes, CNT's, to the 3DCP mixture. Carbon nanotubes can conduct electricity which can be measured in the concrete. If the concrete would get damaged or would develop cracks, the conductivity of the material will be affected. When the concrete would be measured again a change in conductivity can be measured, indicating damage. Basically, the printed concrete will be its own sensor for damage, thus the name self-sensing concrete. 

However, before the self-sensing of 3D printed concrete can be tested, research need to be done on how to include these carbon nanotubes in the 3D concrete printing mix, and on the mechanical properties of the 3D printed concrete with added carbon nanotubes. 

This graduation project focusses on assessing how to include carbon nanotubes to the 3D concrete printing mix, on determining the mechanical properties of 3D printed concrete with added nanotubes, and on finding a way to measure the conductivity in the 3D printed concrete with added CNT’s. 

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