Lunchlecture TWD

TWD (Temporary Works Design) - Making an impact on accelerating the energy transition and key infrastructures worldwide:
"Are you curious about how we bring concepts into real projects and deliver tailored structural and mechanical designs that best suit our clients’ projects? Do you want to know how we create a wide range of ingenious design solutions within a short time span? Then join us at our lunch lecture on the 19th of October at 12:45.
Our colleague, Davide la Zara, will take you through the process of solving complex engineering challenges. We will show you how we bring innovative structural and mechanical designs to life in our iconic projects, and how we invent solutions that best fit our clients’ needs. In addition to showcasing ingenious design solutions, Mirthe will also explain how it will look like to work with multi-disciplinary talents that share your passion for smart engineering. 
Interested? Register now and we will let you know more during the lunch lecture."

This lunch lecture includes a free lunch for all participants.

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