Every client, every architect, wants ‘something’ – aspires, desires and requires. Whatever their wishes, we take care of the technical realization. With energy and passion - as we have been doing for 65 years. 

We believe in future that is both comfortable and sustainable. Our wide knowledge about structural engineering, geotechnical and architectural engineering enables us to design buildings that enhance people’s safety, wellbeing and are future-proofed. Therefore, we work closely together in integral teams with colleagues from buildings physics, mechanical and electrical engineering. ABT has offices in Velp, Delft, and Enschede and is part of the Oosterhoff Group where we make a qualitative contribution to the built environment together with our partners. 
We are driven by innovation. Our company’s structure enables us to innovate across the traditional disciplines and design new solutions for our clients. We encourage you to develop your ideas in new technical designs and provide you the means to bring this to the market.
Our core values are knowledge and expertise, feasibility and workability and decisiveness and passion. These form the guiding part of ABT’s vision for the future. Our key focus is on joining forces in all areas of expertise, with an international focus and lots of room for innovative developments.
At ABT we offer Computational Design Solutions to achieve a better, more sustainable, or a more efficient design (process) for our clients. This enables new functionality to be created, more flexibility to be introduced in the design process, or better insights to be gained by VR and with respect to the influence of design changes. We thereby translate a design idea into logical rules so we can vary design variables to obtain alternatives and automatically generate the form. During our design processes, lots of input and output data is generated, but not yet collected. The next step in our development is research in collecting this data in a structured way in which machine learning can provide added value and create even better solutions.
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